CEO Pay ImageFor fourteen years, in conjunction with the Institute for Policy Studies, UFE has published an annual report – Executive Excess (PDF) – comparing the pay of top CEOs to average workers.

We believe that the lack of pay equity in the US can be addressed by changing the rules. The better informed average workers are, the more they will be empowered to generate changes.

In addition to reports, we organize shareholder actions and support policy efforts by others.


Executive Excess 2008: How Average Taxpayers Subsidize Runaway Pay
Our 15th annual Labor Day report (with the Institute for Policy Studies) finds that tax subsidies directly related to executive pay total $20 billion. Average CEO pay is 344 times the pay of an average U.S. worker. August 25, 2008

Download the PDF: executive_excess_2008.pdf (1.01 MB)

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