Email Testimonial - Don't Coddle Me! Project

With the continued attacks on the poor and working class, and a stubbornly disconnected Congressional leadership that is still unwilling to have wealthy people pay their fair share to fund our government, it is ever more important that we get the voices of progressive tax advocates into the public dialogue. Are you a wealthy taxpayer that is tired of being "coddled" by the U.S. tax system? Are you and your family struggling just to get by? No matter what walk of life you're on, we want to hear from you.

Share your story by answering a few simple questions in the form below.

    1. Who are you? Details to include: Your name (first name only is okay), where you're from, your occupation, family situation and anything else that you feel is interesting or relevant.
    2. What taxpayer-funded program(s) do you value most? Why are they important to you? What's at stake if funding for those programs is reduced? Why were you inspired to do this video?
    3. What should be done? What policies or reforms should Congress pass to protect those services?
    4. Finally, say it: "I don't expect to be coddled when it comes to my taxes and neither should the wealthy."