History in the Making: One Nation March on Washington

Septiembre 22, 2010

One NationThis October, tens of thousands of Americans will gather at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC for a mass expression of solidarity for the progressive social change all of our communities desperately need. 

One Nation Working Together is a call for people from all walks of life to march as one – to put our workforce back in good jobs, for quality and affordable education and healthcare, and for equality of opportunity for all.

Now that Glenn Beck's disgusting misappropriation of the anniversary of the March on Washington, led by Martin Luther King, Jr., has come and gone, it's our turn.

On Saturday, October 2, 2010, Beck's message of fear and hate, and gimmicks posing for real solutions will be replaced by a collective voice for the common good.

We hope you will participate in this inspiring and historic event!

Click here for details and transportation options for the One Nation march.

If you'd like to march alongside other UFE supporters, please contact Kathy Lique at [email protected] for details on where to meet in advance of the march.