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The federal government collects taxes from various sources to finance public services and infrastructure. Our tax policies—that is, the mechanics of how revenue is collected—are one of the driving factors for our growing economic divide in the U.S.

The Self-Made Myth

February 13, 2012 — Shannon M.

MLK Day Report: Dr. King's Dream 30 Years from Now

January 12, 2012 — ts
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The last 30 years of public policy have hindered progress toward Dr. King's dream of racial equality. Thirty years from now, people of color will collectively represent the majority of the U.S. population. If we continue along the same governing path, the racial economic divide will remain in 2042 and, in many regards, will be considerably worse.

UFE's Forthcoming Book Busts the "Self-Made" Myth

December 29, 2011 — Maz
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With a new year before us and new battles ahead, we at United for a Fair Economy and Responsible Wealth are proud to announce to you our forthcoming book, The Self-Made Myth — And the Truth About How Government Helps Individuals and Businesses Succeed, available nationally on March 5th.

Congressional Progressives Are Back with a Bill for the 99%

December 13, 2011 — Maz
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This week, the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) introduced the Restore the American Dream for the 99% Act. But, this plan isn't just for the 99 percent; it's for all 100 percent of us. Learn more with this bill summary.

For the Super-Committee, Failure is Success

November 23, 2011 — ts
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The Super-Committee didn’t fail. The failure was the creation of the Super-Committee itself. It was created as a result of the false, politically manufactured debt ceiling crisis last August. By not reaching an agreement, the Super-Committee produced the best outcome of any of the options that were on the table in this terribly misguided process.