Issues - Federal Tax

The federal government collects taxes from various sources to finance public services and infrastructure. Our tax policies—that is, the mechanics of how revenue is collected—are one of the driving factors for our growing economic divide in the U.S.

On Taxes, Race Matters

December 23, 2010 — Maz

Ninety-seven percent of Americans got the muddy end of the stick in the lopsided tax bill President Obama signed into law in December. Of that 97 percent, people of color will suffer the most.

Huge Holiday Gifts for America's Super-Rich

December 22, 2010 — Maz
wealthy tax break

The super-rich got an early Christmas gift in the $858 billion tax package that President Obama signed into law on Friday. On top of a two-year extension of Bush-era income tax rates, the wealthiest Americans dodged an estate tax that was set to jump up from zero to 55% for individuals worth more than $1 million.

Statement on the Passage of the Obama-GOP Tax Deal

December 17, 2010 — Lee Farris

Les inégalités sont-elles responsables de la crise?

December 17, 2010 — Maz

Pass the Pomeroy Amendment to Strengthen the Estate Tax!

December 16, 2010 — Lee Farris