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State budgets are the primary source of funding for our K-12 education system, public higher education, health care, and human services. State governments collect revenue from various sources and through various taxes, and each state creates its own processes and policies for raising and distributing revenue.

New Report: Flip It to Fix It

May 25, 2011 — Shannon M.
flip it to fix it

States are facing their largest decline in revenue on record. The response from elected officials has been downright harmful, shortsighted, and economically unsound. Cutting to get out of a deficit is like digging to get out of a ditch. It puts everything we value at risk. And as we state in our new report—Flip It to Fix It: it doesn’t have to be this way.

Fighting Bad Budgets with Horse and Buggy

May 10, 2011 — Shannon M.
NC back in tyme budget players

The daunting budget deficits facing states across the U.S. are no joke. But members of the Tax Fairness Organizing Collaborative are responding with innovative advocacy, using creativity in the face of potentially devastating slash-and-burn proposals.

Barstool Movement Building

May 6, 2011 — steveschnapp
happy hour for economic justice

Beer socials are a great way to build community with your neighbors. But who knew they could be such an effective forum for economic justice movement building?

Stop Massachusetts Budget Cuts | May 5 | State House

April 26, 2011 — Karen Kraut
Massachusetts State House

Please join us on May 5 at the Massachusetts State House to support legislation that would prevent over one billion dollars in state budget cuts.

Take a Stand for Tax Fairness!

April 14, 2011 — Shannon M.
tax day

Tax Day is this Monday, April 18th. After you proudly and patriotically file your paperwork, boldly take a stand for tax fairness! Amid the slew of recent and proposed budget cuts to programs that matter deeply to working and middle class families, it is critical that we advocate for a fair and equitable tax system that benefits everyone, not just the wealthy and powerful.