Labor Rights

Organized labor, defined as associated workers struggling to improve wage-labor justice and working conditions, has been undermined by globalization.

From President Reagan forwards, governmental neoliberal policies have concentrated on union busting and on increasing corporate power over wages, benefits and working conditions. Under the guise of deindustrialization, U.S. corporations are outsourcing labor to other countries with the goal to grow their bottom line. This has created labor disempowerment both at home and abroad.

The campaign to discredit labor unions and to present them as a threat to global competition has eroded the public's understanding of the critical historical role unions have played in improving the common wealth and the rights of workers.

Recent movements to recognize global corporate domination and to reject xenophobia and protectionism has yielded effective, global labor organizing.

Keywords: labor unions, collective bargaining, outsourcing, free-trade zones, temporary