Global Economic Justice

Towards an Understanding of the Global Economy

Photo of EarthUFE's mission is to support social movements that work to change the "rules" and mechanisms behind economic injustice and gross wealth inequality in the U.S. To achieve this, we provide analysis, information, and educational resources around critical domestic economic justice issues.

UFE also aims to explore key connections between these domestic issues and global economic policies, particularly those that impact the welfare of U.S. workers, communities of color, the environment, and democratic processes.

Local is Global: "Shrink, Shift and Shaft"

We have observed a growing trend in modern "free" market systems that aims to institutionalize the financial interests of a wealthy minority at the expense of the needs of the impoverished majority. Nationally, this is accomplished through a strategy we call "shrink, shift and shaft":

  • shrink public sector services and the power of democratic institutions and organized labor;
  • shift the tax burden from the wealthy (owners and investors) to the worker;
  • shaft those left behind by eliminating good paying jobs and eroding the social safety net.

The "shrink, shift and shaft" strategy relies on our government's ability to gain and maintain access to cheap labor markets and natural resources. Such tactics not only pit US workers and communities against each other and against those of other countries in a brutal race to the bottom; they also repress resistance against economic and ecological exploitation.

This economic model, often called neoliberalism, has yielded injustice, suffering, unemployment and a state of constant insecurity for the vast majority of the world's population.

UFE's role

We believe that U.S. civil society organizations can address the root causes of inequality and help build a more just, sustainable, democratic, and peaceful society and economic system only if they understand the domestic and global impact of destructive economic policies.

In order to support our movement-building work, UFE will continue to develop our capacity to educate, analyze and disseminate information about global economic justice issues and trends.

How can you get involved?

To get involved or get more information, please contact [email protected]