Tax Fairness Pledge

''It's obscene that Washington is handing out tax breaks to millionaires with one hand and shredding the safety net with the other. So this year, I'm calculating my tax cut and donating it to organizations fighting for responsible, fair, and adequate taxes."

-Marta Drury, Responsible Wealth member (2004)

This is the core idea behind Responsible Wealth's annual Tax Pledge. Each year, in honor of tax day each year, hundreds of Responsible Wealth members reject the preferential treatment of their wealth in the federal tax code by giving back their tax savings. Over the past decade, millions of dollars in tax savings for the top five percent of wealth holders have been donated through the Tax Pledge.

In years past, RW members have donated the amount of their Bush tax cut savings. This year, RW members are donating the savings from the preferential treatment of their capital gains and investment income over work income.

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