Tax Fairness Organizing

Court House Photo Tax fairness is the key to a fair economy, where the cost of maintaining a common government is shared on the basis of one's ability to pay.

UFE addresses two primary areas of tax fairness. At the federal level, we have been working for a decade to preserve the estate tax. At the state level, we have formed the Tax Fairness Organizing Collaborative to support groups working for fair tax policies.

Tax Fairness Organizing Collaborative

UFE brings together dozens of state groups organizing and educating for fair taxation in the Tax Fairness Organizing Collaborative (TFOC). TFOC meets regularly via teleconference and face-to-face, to discuss common issues and share solutions.

Estate Tax

The federal estate tax is the country's most progressive tax, and its only wealth tax. It helps prevent the concentration of wealth that weakens democracy.

99.7 percent of US residents will never have to pay it, because it is paid only out of the estates of super-wealthy Americans after they die and before their bequests are distributed to their heirs.