Bill Gates, Sr., Responsible Wealth in Seattle to Discuss Higher Taxes on Wealthy

Mayo 05, 2010

Original publication: West Seattle Herald

Date of publication: May 4, 2010

Judy Pigott with Bill Gates, Sr.

Photo of Judy Pigott with Bill Gates, Sr. by Steve Shay, West Seattle Herald

"Author and activist Judy Pigott hosted 70 guests at her North Admiral house Tuesday, May 4, to discuss the need for the wealthy to give their fair share of taxes and lessen the buden of the poor and middle class. She was joined by William Gates, Sr., an outspoken estate tax advocate. [...]

Guests were members of the non-profit advocacy group, "The Responsible Wealth Project" with the [sic] "United for Fair Economy"...

'Tonight we are gathering people to share information about a proposal to roll back the Bush tax cuts on the rich and to let the estate taxes resume,' said Pigott, a Paccar family member who authored the book 'Personal Safety Nets' with a personal endor[s]ement from Gates, Sr.

'We look at taxes as an effective and ethical way of supporting all of us while recognizing we are all part of a community and nobody got here by him or herself no matter how hard he or she worked,' said Pigott.

'Tonight I'm going to talk about the state income tax,' said Gates. 'In this state the wealthiest people are paying too damn little. The richest people are paying about 3-percent of their income. And the bottom 20-percent pay 16 or 17-percent, five times as much. It stinks.'

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