Fair Play Newsletter – Back Issues

Fair Play Newsletter - Back Issues:

Summer 2007 (PDF): Poverty: Of the Wallet, or of the Spirit? | UFE Contributes to National Poverty Task Force | Economics As If People Mattered, 2007 | Q&A with Peter Edelman, Contributor to the Center for American Progress Poverty Task Force | The Poor Pay More and Shareholders Hold their Noses | New Immigration Workshop | Western Union Pressured on Excessive Remittance Fees | Putting Pressure on Predatory Lending in Louisiana | All Aboard the Asset Train | Holding the Dems to Task | The Estate Tax–at Issue in Congress and in White House Race | Tax Cut Madness Continues

Fall 2006 (PDF): Children Make the Road | What Can Youth Do | Q&A with ED, Youth Speaks | Fans of Progressive Taxation | "Smart" CEOs Dumb Down Our Children

Spring 2006 (PDF): Another Dimension of Inequality | The Houma Nation Post-Katrina | The Racial Wealth Gap | The Struggle in Tennessee | Why the South?

Fall 2005 (PDF): Sweet Success (Without Victory) | CAFTA Unites Grassroots Movement | Defense CEOs Cash In On War? | Tale of 2 Post-Katrina Communities | Rewiring Executive Pay | Storytelling on the Bank of Denial

Spring 2005 (PDF): The Onerous Society | Trickle Down Misery | Taming the TABOR-Toothed Tiger | Top 10 Flaws of Soc Sec Privatization | Silver Spoons for our Children | Winning at Ovarian Roulette

Fall 2004 (PDF): Walking the Talking | Spreading the Word | Linking City Streets, Halls of Power | Conectando Los Puntos Immigrantes | Connecting the Immigrant Dots | Making King's Dream a Reality | South African President Cites UFE Report

Spring 2004 (PDF): Busting Economic Myths | Mythology of America's Success Culture | Salvadorans Debunk Prosperity Myths | Racial Divide and the Bootstrap Myth | Myth: Service Cuts are Local Problems | What Happened to $5.6 Trillion Surplus?

Spring 2003 (PDF): The War Economy | Media Matters | Estate Tax: Organizing on the Road | State Budgets Implode: UFE Offers Solutions | Texas Popular Ed: Training of Trainers in Spanish | Responsible Wealth Voices in Action | Dividend Tax Cuts Won't Help Economy

Fall 2002 (PDF): Enron and On and On | Training Fair Economy Trainers | States Organizing for Fair Taxes | Wealth Inequality and the Estate Tax

2001 (PDF):