Lapham Speaks...on NPR's "Here & Now"

August 16, 2010

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Date of publication: August 13, 2010

Mike LaphamIn case you didn't catch this last week, Robin Young of NPR's "Here & Now" interviewed Mike Lapham, Director of UFE's Responsible Wealth project.
Mike and Robin discussed the [possibly] soon-to-expire Bush tax cuts, the estate tax and The Giving Pledge, an unprecedented philanthropic initiative launched by some of the wealthiest families and individuals in the US, including several friends and partners of UFE and RW.
Listen to the full interview online today (fourth story from the top: "Some of the Nation's Wealthy Say 'Tax Me More'").
After listening to the interview, be sure to check out the op-ed Mike mentioned, "How the Estate Tax Benefits Small Businesses," by our friend Jim Amaral, owner of Maine's Borealis Breads.

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