Estate Tax Organizer Lee Farris on the Rick Smith Show

Junio 08, 2010

Original publication: The Rick Smith Show

Date of publication: June 8, 2010

The Rick Smith Show

To listen to Lee's full interview on the Rick Smith Show, click here (MP3).

Highlights from the interview:

Farris: "[The estate tax could be called] the dynasty tax. It's the tax so that we don't have dynasties. It's the meritocracy tax, it's the tax that enforces having a meritocracy where you get ahead on your own merits rather than on your parents'.

Under [Presidents] Eisenhower and Kennedy, the very wealthy were paying more than half of their income in taxes. That's not true now. We did it before, there's nothing about now that's different than then.  It's just the whole political outlook about what taxes should be like. That's the difference."