New Accessible Books Turn a Critical Eye on Wealth and Finance

From UFE's April 2008 E-News

UFE friend and neighbor Dollars & Sense has just published new editions of two important books, The Wealth Inequality Reader and Real World Banking and Finance.

The second edition of The Wealth Inequality Reader features 42 engaging essays that explore the causes and consequences of wealth inequality, as well as strategies for change. It contains the latest statistics on wealth in easy-to-read charts, tables, and illustrations and is co-edited by the Dollars & Sense Collective and UFE. Contributors include such familiar names as Gar Alperovitz, Chuck Collins, Bill Fletcher, Ellen Frank, William Greider, Paul Krugman, Meizhu Lui, Kevin Phillips, and more.

Real World Banking and Finance, fifth edition, provides progressive insights into the changing role of banks, the stock market, the Federal Reserve, financial services for the poor, international monetary issues, and much more. An essential resource for anyone wondering how the financial industry got into the current crisis and where it’s headed.

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