Racial Justice Communications in Obama’s America (Podcast)

Abril 17, 2009

Original publication: smartMEME

Date of publication: April 17, 2009

On Febuary 25th, the Boston Chapter of the Progressive Communicators Network convened a panel discussion called “Talking About Racial & Economic Justice in Obama’s America.”

Amaad Rivera [LISTEN] is the director of the Racial Wealth Divide program at United for a Fair Economy, and lead author of their "2009 State of the Dream Report: The Silent Depression." He discusses Racism without Racists, patterns of school segregation in Boston, and building racial justice frameworks.

Tarso Luí­s Ramos [LISTEN] is the director of research at the right-wing watchdog group Political Research Associates. He discusses the work of Ian F. Haney Lopez’s on   “colorblind white dominance,” Eduardo Bonilla-Silva’s work on White Supremacy and Racism in the Post-Civil Rights Era, and the “Color Blind Ideology.”

Doyle Canning [LISTEN] of smart/MEME, discusses some of the stories in the popular culture on racism and “post racism,” and how story-based strategies can work to challenge some of the underlying assumptions of white supremacy in the dominant culture.

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