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A Serial Job-Killer Is Stalking America

April 27, 2009 — bob

Analysis: Obama Tax Proposals Could be More Progressive

April 20, 2009 — bob

Don't Eat the Rich; Just Tax Them

April 15, 2009 — bob

Workers Laid Off, Executives Paid Off, Bernard Madoff

March 13, 2009 — HShapiro

No Adult Supervision

September 23, 2008 — nmelotti

Profits Soar, Along with U.S. Uninsured

April 5, 2007 — bob

The Estate Tax: A Recycling Program in Disguise

January 1, 2007 — bob
recycling opportunity

Bill Gates, Sr., father of the richest man on earth, argued in the Seattle Post Intelligencer that Washington's estate tax was an "opportunity recycling program." [...] If we abolish the state's inheritance tax we stop the opportunity recycling program. We allow the common wealth to stop flowing and concentrate it in the hands of a few. And worse, we slow the investments in opportunity that aim to provide every young person a chance, whether they were born in South Seattle or Mercer Island."

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