Responsible Wealth Members Share their Stories in the Media

From UFE's March 2008 E-News.

Some families avoid conversations about finances – and some wealthy kids struggle with giving back. But three Responsible Wealth members are publicly sharing their efforts to pass down values and meaning to the next generation.

Profiled in a recent New York Times feature article, Responsible Wealth members Dal LaMagna, Frank Butler, and Martin Rothenberg call attention to how they are setting up legacies of charitable giving and social stewardship for their children and grandchildren. We were able to make this happen because the writer at the Times called Mike Lapham looking for people to profile.

These three were from among 15 or so folks who answered Mike’s call for volunteers. We get this kind of request all the time – and not just for wealthy people. Whether you’re low, middle or high income, the media is interested in hearing your story and why economic justice is important to you. If you’re willing to share your story, we can help. Please contact Bob Keener at [email protected] or Mike Lapham at [email protected]

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