Take the Tax Fairness Pledge

From UFE's March 2008 E-News

Behind the scenes, the Bush tax cuts continue to drain our nation’s capacity to provide vital services, fund education, invest in research and infrastructure, build a strong and sustainable economy, and assure fairness and opportunity. And yet, Bush, McCain, and others are pushing to make those tax cuts permanent!

You may not even realize that you are part of this, because your personal tax cuts are buried in the IRS calculations. But you can find out exactly what your share is and redirect your tax savings to tax fairness efforts with the Tax Fairness Pledge.

If you are wealthy, you have benefited most from these tax cuts – and you continue to benefit more. But you can reject tax cuts for the wealthy by taking the Tax Fairness Pledge. By doing so, you are saying that these irresponsible tax cuts don’t reflect your values and should be rolled back, not extended.
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