UFE Media Coverage

Below are links to media coverage of some of UFE's most publicly visible work.


Born on Third Base: What the Forbes 400 Really Says About Economic Equality & Opportunity
UFE's report targeting Forbes magazine for glamorizing the "self-made man" with the Forbes 400 list, while ignoring other key factors in wealth accumulation, including tax policies, birthright, gender, and race.

BOOK RELEASE (2012): The Self-Made Myth
Media coverage of UFE's 2012 book, The Self-Made Myth—And the Truth About How Government Helps Individuals and Businesses Succeed, which aims to stop the spread of misinformation about wealth and job creation.


Tax Time 2012 Media Highlights
UFE staff members and Responsible Wealth members participated in press conferences, spoke at tax day rallies, interviewed with national media, and even stood with President Obama to spread a message about the need for progressive tax policies to fund a balanced and robust economic recovery.

Tax Fairness Pledge 2011: Tax Wealth Like Work!
Media coverage of UFE's 2011 "Tax Wealth Like Work" campaign, which raised public awareness that investment income—long-term capital gains and dividends, which overwhelmingly go to the wealthiest households—are taxed at rates far lower than rates on ordinary income.

November 2010 Press Teleconference on the Estate Tax
Featuring Responsible Wealth members and small business owners Dave Eiffert (Snowqualmie, WA), Jerry Fiddler (San Francisco, CA), Jean Gordon (Little Rock, AR), and John Russell (Portland, OR).

July 2010 Press Teleconference on the Estate Tax
Featuring former U.S. Treasury Secretary, Robert Rubin, AFL-CIO president, Richard Trumka, filmmaker, philanthropist, and heir to the Disney fortune, Abigail Disney, and founder of Tiger Management hedge fund, Julian Robertson.

December 2009 Press Teleconference on the Estate Tax
Featuring Bill Gates, Sr., founder of Vanguard Group, John C. Bogle, Richard Rockefeller, M.D., and SEIU Secretary-Treasurer, Anna Burger. Public statements and teleconference audio only.


REPORT: State of the Dream 2012: The Emerging Majority
UFE's ninth annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Day report assesses the current racial economic divide and offers a glimpse at a future that could be.

REPORT: State of the Dream 2011: Austerity for Whom?
UFE's eighth annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Day report surveys the impacts of a tax-cutting, government-shrinking economic agenda—as prescribed by Republican leadership with Tea Party allies—on communities of color.