United for a Fair Economy's economics education workshops are designed to tranform dry economic statistics into memorable learning experiences. The goal is to help people connect economics and politics to their personal lives and experiences and lead to action.

All of UFE's workshop materials and supplementary resources are available for free download. You may also order hard copies of all workshop materials from us, including full-size flip charts (learn more here). You may also request a presenter.

NOTE: You may find that our workshop download links are out of order. We appreciate your patience as we work to fix the problem. In the meanwhile, please email Steve Schnapp at [email protected] to request PDF files of these workshop materials. 

The Growing Divide Workshop

Over 35,000 people across the nation have participated in this highly acclaimed workshop. This workshop reviews recent changes in U.S. income and wealth distribution and examines policies—or "rule changes"—that have fueled inequality. Lays out a range of strategic initiatives and specific and immediate steps we can take to reverse the growing gap between the rich and everyone else.

Closing the Racial Wealth Divide

This workshop helps participants critically examine the way in which race shapes the distribution of resources and privilege in the U.S. We use several participatory activities and dialogue to analyze the role of government in supporting (for people of European descent) or blocking (for people of color) the accumulation of assets and, in effect, helped create economic apartheid in the U.S. The workshop also reviews strategies, campaigns, and actions that will help close the racial wealth divide and promote create greater economic equality in general.

The Massachusetts Budget Crisis

This workshop reviews the Massachusetts budget and the current crisis, with an emphasis on Question 1, the 2010 ballot initiative to eliminate the state income tax. The workshop also considers how the worsening budget crisis has impacted our communities, demonstrates that unwise tax cuts in the 1990s was a major cause of the current budget crisis, and explores opportunities to advocate. This interactive workshop is designed to last 60 to 90 minutes.

Bankers, Brokers, Bubbles & Bailouts: An Economic Crisis Workshop

Our new workshop uses participatory activities to show the economic structures and recent trends underlying the current financial crisis. It's for anyone interested in helping create an economy that is more fair and sustainable.