"Lessons from History for the Obama Years” with Mike Lux

03/13/2009 7:00 pm
03/13/2009 9:54 pm


Lessons from History for the Obama Years at the Jamaica Plain Forum  

Presenter:   Mike Lux, Author, recent member of the Obama-Biden Transition Team

Location:   First Church in Jamaica Plain, UU, 6 Eliot St., Jamaica Plain (Boston), MA  

Cost/Registration:     Free and Open to the Public.

Information:   Jamaica Plain Forum  • 617-541-0500 x302 • [email protected]

Description: Barack Obama, a liberal-leaning centrist Democrat was elected with the energtic support of progressive activists. Post-election enthusiasm remains high amongst progressives who believe that President Obama may be in a position to redifine the political center in just the way that Franklin Roosevelt did.

Mike Lux, author of the new book,The Progressive Revolution, offers a history and road map for progressives to support a new "Big Change Moment" in our nation's history. Comparable "Big Change Moments" include the ending of slavery, giving women the right to vote, painstaking enactment of civil rights laws, the adoption of Social Security, and strengthening the middle class. Lux argues that we are on the cusp of a new Big Change Moment, and we need to know our history to fully embrace the upcoming change.

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