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UFE publishes newsletters with four areas of focus:

E-News - UFE's monthly email newsletter

Current Issue: It's Time to Roll 'Em Back | Solutions for Main Street | "Taking Back the Tap" | Financial Reform on the Horizon | Three Cheers for Health Care | Keepin' It Creative | You Can't Stop the Movement

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Fair Play - UFE's bi-annual newsletter published in hard copy and PDF

Current Issue (PDF): The Moment We’ve Been Preparing For | Gotta Keep on Talkin’
and Keep on Walkin’ | Q&A with Susan Williams, Executive Director of the Highlander Center | Presidents and Fundamental Change: The Lessons of History | The Winning
Tax Ideologies | Breaking Down Racial Barriers to Wealth: A Profile of UFE’s Racial Wealth Divide Program | Bubbling Bailouts | Race and the Sub-Prime Crisis | $20 Billion Small Potatoes

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Responsible Wealth Action News - The bi-annual newsletter for members of the Responsible Wealth project

Currrent Issue (PDF): Letter to Members: Responsible Wealth Helps Break Down Walls | "Say on Pay" Success: Shareholders and Congress Making Progress | Lobby Day 2009 | New Yorkers Say: "Raise Our Taxes" | UFE Highlights | Estate Tax Update

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Tax Fairness Action News - The annual newsletter for the Tax Fairness Organizing Collaborative

Current Issue (PDF): Movement Builidng in NV | WI Tax Reform Hits Primetime | Better Choices for NY | Making Corporations Change in OR | NC's Revenue Reform Coalition | Closing the Wealth Gap in RI | Closing Corporate Loopholes in MA

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