Responsible Wealth: Living Wage

Providing a living wage for American workers is crucial for eliminating extreme inequality and closing the racial wealth divide. Responsible Wealth organizes business leaders to use their voices to speak out in favor of a living wage. Here's a few highlights from some of our efforts:

  • Business owners like Judy Wicks (White Dog Café in Philadelphia) and Doug Hammond (Relief Resources in Western Massachusetts) converted their businesses to pay a living wage to all employees
  • Over 100 business owners (including Eileen Fisher) signed Responsible Wealth’s Living Wage Covenant, pledging to pay a living wage to their employees
  • Responsible Wealth member Barry Hermanson organized a successful campaign for a Living Wage ordinance for the City of San Francisco (as well as a Bay Area minimum wage law)
  • Responsible Wealth published a powerful report in 2000, "Choosing the High Road: Businesses that Pay a Living Wage and Prosper." We showcased successful business owners whose minimum wage policies benefited their businesses, employees, and communities.