The Self-Made Myth Media Coverage

April 05, 2012

Original publication: Various Outlets

Date of publication: February 22, 2012

UFE's new book busts the myth of the self-made man. Our aim with The Self-Made Myth is to stop the spread of misinformation about wealth and job creation. We urge a more honest national conversation about all that makes business and individual success possible—including our collective role through government—so our public policies may better reflect our priorities as a nation.

The book is being covered online, in print and in broadcast media. Scroll down to view select coverage. The list will be updated as new coverage emerges.

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Brian Miller on "Great Minds" with Thom Hartmann

10/16/2012    MSNBC, Melissa Harris-Perry Small Businesses: Self-Made or Built Together
4/25/2012    AlterNet Debunking Conservatives' Favorite—and Most Dangerous—Fiction by Sara Robinson
3/3/2012    The Boston Globe Bootstraps Bunkum by Renée Loth
3/2/2012    The Nation Challenging the Self-Made Myth by Katrina vanden Heuvel (a feature in The Nation's "Rediscovering Government" special issue)
2/22/2012    Common Dreams Uprooting Inequality and its Ideological Underpinnings by Brian Miller
3/15/2012    Classism Exposed 
Ubuntu & The Self-Made Myth by RW organizer Jessica Morneault
2/27/2012    Notes from Aboveground 
2/29/2012    WBZ (CBS Radio Boston) 
3/5/2012    KPFK, Uprising Radio  Read the column
3/8/2012    KUCI, Rabbit Hole 
3/12/2012    Too Much In Review: On "Making It Alone" and "Punishing Success"
3/12/2012    KCBX (San Diego NPR) Link coming soon.
3/18/2012    WMBR, Radio with a View Mike Lapham urges Cambridge/Boston listeners to bust the self-made myth (click to stream)
3/19/2012    Midday Conversations Blog Talk Radio Author Brian Miller on Conversations w/ Cyrus Webb
3/29/2012    KKFI-FM, "Heartland Labor Forum" 
4/12/2012    Heritage Radio Network "Work Hard, Make Money?" JoAnn Fleming w/ Mike Lapham on The Self-Made Myth
4/ /2012    WLRN (NPR Miami) One-third of the Forbes 400 list were born into the list. All benefited from taxpayer-funded resources. Joseph Cooper interviews Brian Miller