Shana Turner

Shana Turner (she/her) is a working-class, white, queer, fat femme & ever-expanding, cis-gendered, able-bodied woman with U.S. citizenship. She hails from the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston and has lived in New Orleans for thirteen years.

She is a writer, grassroots literary instructor, community builder, and facilitator who stewards groups as they map ways toward collective visions. She brings twenty years of experience with grassroots community organizing, transformative justice, human services, organizational infrastructure development, communications, participatory planning and evaluation, creative writing projects, and collective learning through a popular education praxis. Shana’s work- which is rooted in abolitionist, working-class, queer Black feminist values- complicates the false binary between victim and offender in intra-community conflict and violence; treats wounds as sites for transformation; interrogates the construction and perpetuation of whiteness, and engages rituals of ceremony in the ordinary and extraordinary movements of everyday life.





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