Shana Turner

Shana Turner is a writer and community builder with twenty years of experience in grassroots justice organizing, human services, and engaging collective learning through a popular education praxis. Shana is a facilitator of organizational infrastructure development, creative writing projects, and Restorative Transformative Justice processes.

Born and raised in the Dorchester section of Boston, Shana was heavily influenced by several women who had a hand in raising her: a mix of straight and queer, multi-racial, working-class, street-smart, feminist and womanist community activists and culture bearers. In 2008, Shana moved to New Orleans, the city that has become her second home. Shana understands the immeasurable value of the people of New Orleans, and is inspired by the possibilities that their cultural legacies provide for us to collectively walk through our lives and the world as self-defined ‘Creatives.’

Shana is currently developing a curriculum utilizing creative expression and healing modalities to work with family members of homicide victims, as well as creative writing workshops for fellow writers. She has learned that making time to spend with loved ones porch-sitting, going out dancing, taking walks along the river, while adamantly chipping away at finishing her first novel, is vital to honor the value of her life.



184 High St., Suite 603,
Boston, MA 02110
(617) 423-2148


PO Box 1845,
Durham, NC 27702

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