Top Companies Pay More to CEOs than to Uncle Sam

— Maz
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Last year, twenty-five CEOs of some of the top corporations in the U.S. stuffed more cash in their pockets than their companies paid in taxes. That sounds ridiculous, right? Well, that's the takeaway of the Institute for Policy Studies' (IPS) Labor Day report, Executive Excess 2011: Massive CEO Rewards for Tax Dodging, and it's no joke.

11 Things the Wealthiest Americans Can Buy for the U.S.

— Shannon M.
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11 Things the Wealthiest Americans Can Buy for the U.S. (that most families can't afford for themselves!).

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Sunday's AP News Story & Responsible Wealth

— Brian Miller
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If you read Sunday's Associated Press (AP) story, "Super rich see federal taxes drop dramatically," you may be left with the false impression that United for a Fair Economy (UFE) is a network of wealthy individuals who support higher taxes on themselves. Well, that's close, but not exactly right. UFE is a cross-class organization with supporters of all financial means...

Why Support the Higher Education Transparency Act?

— steveschnapp
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This week, Massachusetts residents have an opportunity to advance the movement for economic justice in the Bay State by urging their state representatives and senators to support the Higher Education Transparency Act.

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