Estate Tax

WSJ Columnist Confuses Guilt with Responsibility

— Brian Miller
public investments

In Friday's Wall Street Journal, columnist Stephen Moore does his best to marginalize and discredit the the growing chorus of high-wealth individuals, including members of UFE's Responsible Wealth project, who support raising taxes on wealthy people like themselves. But his best is little more than a collection of weak arguments and name-calling.

Estate Tax

— Shannon M.

Estate taxes: States will want their cut, too

— Maz
estate tax

Baby boomers, the oldest just now reaching retirement age, can expect to receive inheritances equaling more than $8 trillion over their lifetime.

On Taxes, Race Matters

— Maz

Ninety-seven percent of Americans got the muddy end of the stick in the lopsided tax bill President Obama signed into law in December. Of that 97 percent, people of color will suffer the most.

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