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The Self-Made Myth Media Coverage

— Maz
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UFE's new book busts the myth of the self-made man. Our aim with The Self-Made Myth is to stop the spread of misinformation about wealth and job creation. We urge a more honest national conversation about all that makes business and individual success possible—including our collective role through government—so our public policies may better reflect our priorities as a nation. The book is being covered online, in print and in broadcast media.

Take Action on Tax Day

— Shannon M.
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Our tax code is rigged to benefit the richest 1% among us. We need Tax Solutions for the 99%. 2012 is a pivotal year; not only do all of the Bush tax cuts expire at the end of this year, but the outcome of the November elections could very well determine the future of our tax system. Here are five ways you can be a taxivist this April.

The Self-Made Myth on TV

— Maz
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Brian Miller joins "Conversations with Great Minds" with New York Times best-selling author and radio/TV show host Thom Hartmann to discuss the myth of self-made success and its impact on public policy and economic divisions in the US.

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Inherited Fortunes Should Be Taxed

— ts
Paris Hilton Doesn't Need a Tax Cut

What if there was a way to bring in substantial new revenue to pay for vital public services? What if we could generate that revenue exclusively from those who can best afford it, the estates of millionaires and billionaires, and at the same time reduce economic inequality? We'd be crazy to not do it, right? Well, the good news is that a strong estate tax will do exactly that.

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