MLK Day Report: Dr. King's Dream 30 Years from Now

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The last 30 years of public policy have hindered progress toward Dr. King's dream of racial equality. Thirty years from now, people of color will collectively represent the majority of the U.S. population. If we continue along the same governing path, the racial economic divide will remain in 2042 and, in many regards, will be considerably worse.

Student Immigrants Fight and Win in Bay State

— Dany
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The immigrant rights movement recently enjoyed a moment of victory in Massachusetts. The Student Immigrant Movement (SIM), an alliance of young immigrants and supporters, completed an 11-day vigil in front of the Massachusetts State House, protesting hateful budget amendments that would have stripped the immigrant community of civil and human rights, and thus, the Commonwealth of humanity.

Student Immigrants Fight Hateful Legislation in Massachusetts

— Maz
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The Massachusetts Student Immigrant Movement (SIM) have launched MassHope 2011, a round-the-clock vigil on the steps of the Massachusetts State House to prevent the passage of anti-immigrant amendments in the state's budget.

Last year, SIM staged a 19-day vigil to prevent similar measures from passing, and they succeeded. They recognized that the victory was only made possible by a highly engaged community of human rights supporters, which included immigrants and U.S. citizens.

Despite popular support for SIM's — and other immigrant rights groups' — cause in Massachusetts, a relentlessly dismissive Republican contingent is hell-bent on advancing this inherently hateful legislation.

Raise the 'Roots - Call for Workshops

— Shannon M.

Raise the 'Roots Conference Details

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