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MLK Day Report: Dr. King's Dream 30 Years from Now

— ts
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The last 30 years of public policy have hindered progress toward Dr. King's dream of racial equality. Thirty years from now, people of color will collectively represent the majority of the U.S. population. If we continue along the same governing path, the racial economic divide will remain in 2042 and, in many regards, will be considerably worse.

UFE's Forthcoming Book Busts the "Self-Made" Myth

— Maz
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With a new year before us and new battles ahead, we at United for a Fair Economy and Responsible Wealth are proud to announce to you our forthcoming book, The Self-Made Myth — And the Truth About How Government Helps Individuals and Businesses Succeed, available nationally on March 5th.

VIDEO: Is the U.S. Broke?

The Story of Broke

“See? We can rebuild the American dream,” Anne Leonard says in The Story of Broke. It will take a unified movement for tax fairness to fund a people’s budget and a government that is accountable to all of us, not just the rich. 

Yahoo! Desigualda de ingreso alcanza los principales medios de comunicacion!

— Dany
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UFE ha estado trabajando en crear conciencia sobre la desigualdad económica por 15 años, esto es ciertamente un llamado de atención muy excitante, Noticias Yahoo video de la desigualdad económica, el primero en su serie “Rehacer America”, es accesible y se merece la mayoría de las vistas que puedas ayudar a generar.

Yahoo! Income Inequality is Reaching Mainstream Media!

— Maz
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UFE has been working to raise public awareness of economic inequality for 15 years, so this is certainly call for excitement. Yahoo News' video on income inequality, the first in their "Remake America" series, is accessible and deserving of the most views you can help to generate.

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