Pay No Attention to the Politicians Behind the Curtain!

— Alexandra B.
wizard of oz

When it comes to telling the story of our dire economy, it seems Republican politicians have lifted their strategy from the Wizard of Oz rather than a political playbook. But rather than accept the line that poor people are to blame for our mounting federal deficit, we should pull back the curtain on the real culprits.

How the Debt Ceiling Debate Impacts the Estate Tax

— Saumya V.
debt ceiling debate

It seems Republicans will find any excuse to attack the estate tax. Read more to find out how the estate tax is quietly under siege in the debt ceiling debate.

Student Immigrants Fight Hateful Legislation in Massachusetts

— Maz
post icon

The Massachusetts Student Immigrant Movement (SIM) have launched MassHope 2011, a round-the-clock vigil on the steps of the Massachusetts State House to prevent the passage of anti-immigrant amendments in the state's budget.

Last year, SIM staged a 19-day vigil to prevent similar measures from passing, and they succeeded. They recognized that the victory was only made possible by a highly engaged community of human rights supporters, which included immigrants and U.S. citizens.

Despite popular support for SIM's — and other immigrant rights groups' — cause in Massachusetts, a relentlessly dismissive Republican contingent is hell-bent on advancing this inherently hateful legislation.

11 Things the Richest U.S. Households Can Buy That You Can’t

— Adam Katz
filthy rich

The 400 wealthiest families in the U.S. aren't just filthy rich, they are downright dirty. Collectively, these households own $1.37 trillion dollars; a number so high that it's nearly impossible to comprehend. Here are 11 shocking things $1.37 trillion can buy that you can't.

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