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REGISTER NOW: Training of Trainers | Baltimore, June 2012

— steveschnapp
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Education is crucial to the success of the rejuvenated organizing and mobilizing that is taking place with the Occupy movement. Join UFE's next Training of Trainers Institute in Baltimore this June to help expand this work to build a powerful and more sustained movement for economic justice.

Take Action on Tax Day

— Shannon M.
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Our tax code is rigged to benefit the richest 1% among us. We need Tax Solutions for the 99%. 2012 is a pivotal year; not only do all of the Bush tax cuts expire at the end of this year, but the outcome of the November elections could very well determine the future of our tax system. Here are five ways you can be a taxivist this April.

Donald Trump: The Bailout Billionaire

— Shannon M.
Self-Made Myth: Donald Trump

Individual success is the result of gumption and hard work. But equality important are the supports provided by society and sponsored by government. Being entirely "self-made" is a mth; the reality is it takes a village to foster personal and business success. Learn more at selfmademyth.org.

Download PDF of "Donald Trump: The Bailout Billionaire" (PDF)

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