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How Do We Coddle the Super-Wealthy?

— Shannon M.

The rules that shape our economy have been influenced by the super-wealthy over the past 30 years, and tilted in their favor. Here's how. (See sources here.)

Training of Trainers Institute (South Haven, MN)

— steveschnapp
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11 Things the Wealthiest Americans Can Buy for the U.S.

— Shannon M.
11 things

11 Things the Wealthiest Americans Can Buy for the U.S. (that most families can't afford for themselves!).

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Raise the 'Roots - Call for Workshops

— Shannon M.

Interview with a Popular Educator: Ty dePass (1 of 2)

— Maz
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Q: Ty, what's your story, and how did you get involved in popular education for social change?

Whew! That’s a packed question.

Well, I’m a black man, eldest of seven and raised in Harlem and the South Bronx. I came of age during the social ferment of the 1960s – a time that shaped my understanding of the world as it was, and quickened my hunger to play a part in shaping the world as it might be.

The fight for social justice found me at a young age. I was six-years-old in 1955, when I discovered those photos from Emmett Till’s autopsy and funeral in a magazine in my parent’s livingroom. Till had been brutally beaten and murdered by a group of white men because he was young and foolish, and had broken one of their most sacred cultural taboos: he forgot his “place” in White America.

Those horrifying images brought my childhood to an abrupt end, and I became the black kid who refused to comply.

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