White Speculators, Black Area Foreclosures

— Maz
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Black communities have been hardest hit by foreclosures, not because of the federal policies frequently targeted by Neil Cavuto, Lou Dobbs and other conservative and, seemingly, xenophobic fact-ignorers, but because of primarily white investors looking to turn a quick profit who don't even live in those neighborhoods. 

Poverty Gets A Seat On the Bus

— Maz
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The relentless focus on federal budget-cutting has burned up so much of the country's political oxygen that it nearly choked off dialogue on a more immediate, urgent concern: poverty. Two well-known Americans tried to move this point to the front of the bus last month with their "Poverty Tour: A Call to Conscience." [...] Unlike the abstractions of long-term deficit projections, poverty is a tangible, here-and-now reality. 

Why is Income Inequality Bad?

— Adam Katz
Mind the Income Gap

Income inequality in the United States has reached levels more severe than over 70% of the rest of the world. The devastating results of such inequality involve life expectancy, incarceration rates, obesity, and much more. Find out what else inequality leads to and how the U.S. compares internationally.

11 Things the Richest U.S. Households Can Buy That You Can’t

— Adam Katz
filthy rich

The 400 wealthiest families in the U.S. aren't just filthy rich, they are downright dirty. Collectively, these households own $1.37 trillion dollars; a number so high that it's nearly impossible to comprehend. Here are 11 shocking things $1.37 trillion can buy that you can't.

The High Price of Austerity

— steveschnapp
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Austerity is the political buzzword these days. As politicians from both parties are jumping on the “starve the beast” bandwagon, few are considering the long-term impacts of the approach. What seems like tightening the belt today will likely cost us much, much more down the line.

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