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Tim's News Round-up: Occupy Fever & Citi Evils

— Maz
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Each week, UFE's online news hawk, Tim Sullivan, will share a list of stories that he finds interesting. Tim's first round-up includes the latest on Occupy Wall Street, the action in our own backyard at Occupy Boston, the delusions of Wall Street insiders and [more] reasons to be very upset with Citigroup. Enjoy!

How Do We Coddle the Super-Wealthy?

— Shannon M.

The rules that shape our economy have been influenced by the super-wealthy over the past 30 years, and tilted in their favor. Here's how. (See sources here.)

VIDEO: Mike Lapham vs. CNBC Teleposse

— Maz
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Responsible Wealth director, Mike Lapham was invited onto CNBC's "The Kudlow Report" to discuss Obama's recent tax proposal, including "The Buffett Plan" to raise taxes on millionaires. In the show's typical bullying fashion, Lapham was posed with opposition not just from two guests, but also from the host and "moderator" himself, Larry Kudlow.

CrossTalk: "Tax 'Em!" feat. Mike Lapham

— Maz
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Why do the mega-rich want to be taxed? RT's CrossTalk invited Mike Lapham (Responsible Wealth/UFE), Carl Gibson (US Uncut) and David Logan (Tax Foundation) for a conversation about whether new revenues—from higher taxes on the wealthy—should be a part of the solution the economic crisis.

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