Progressive Tax

Responsible Wealth: Voices

— Maz

Responsible Wealth: Tax Fairness

— Jessica

Robin Hood is STILL Right

— Haoyu Wu
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Robin Hood and his ragtag crew who took from the rich to give to the poor were simply serving justice in an unfair medieval economy. Today, feudal lords protected by high castle walls do not rule our economy, but we are again living in an age of extreme income and wealth inequality. A Robin Hood-like hero will not rescue us. Together, however, we can achieve truly heroic feats.

FREE WEBINAR: After the Gift: How to build donor loyalty

— Shannon M.

How can organizations working for tax fairness cultivate a strong and loyal donor base? This free Tax Fairness Tune-Up webinar will provide practical tips for grassroots organizers to build a strong donor program to keep supporters engaged year after year. Register today!

Eight Reasons You Should Agree With Will Smith on Taxes

— Maz
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"America has been fantastic" to Will Smith. The 43 year-old actor, who makes an average salary of $36 million and has an estimated net worth of $215 million, has "no problem" paying higher taxes for the good of the country. Here are eight reasons why you should agree that the rich should pay higher taxes.

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