Racial Wealth Divide

Wisconsin & The Dirty Secret of Public Sector Union Busting

— Maz
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Amid all the rightful outrage over Gov. Scott Walker's proposal to do away with collective bargaining rights for public sector unions in Wisconsin, one important point has been neglected: The demise of public sector unions would be most detrimental to women and African-Americans.

The High Price of Austerity

— steveschnapp
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Austerity is the political buzzword these days. As politicians from both parties are jumping on the “starve the beast” bandwagon, few are considering the long-term impacts of the approach. What seems like tightening the belt today will likely cost us much, much more down the line.

A Win for an Invisible Workforce

— Maz
invisible workforce

What if you worked long, hard days to provide serivces relied upon by other Americans—cleaning homes, fixing cars, farming fields—and yet, you weren't even covered by the most basic of federal labor protections? Sadly, this is the reality for domestic workers and farm workers right here in the United States.

Stories, Not Stats, Win Hearts and Minds

— Brian Miller
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If during the State of the Union address, you were more moved by Obama's words than by Michele Bachmann's PowerPoint charts, you are not alone. Data has it's place. But when it comes to inspiring people and garnering the support necessary to create change, it's all about the stories we tell.

When Society Attacks: Race and People Devalued

— Maz
bird like me

As we close in on Black History Month, the soothsaying jesters at The Daily Show have—in brilliantly hilarious fashion—taken heed of the ways racism continues to rear its ugly head in modern day.

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