Racial Wealth Divide

The Divide Deepens

— Brian Miller
racial wealth divide

Attacks on the public sector and its workers hurt all Americans—regardless of race—by eroding the ability of our nation to meet the needs of its citizens.

Read It, Share It, Take Action — State of the Dream 2011

— Maz
state of the dream 2011

Just in time for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, we released our 8th annual report on racial economic inequality in the United States.

Video: The State of MLK's Dream

— Shannon M.
mlk i have a dream

MLK envisioned a work where the color of one's skin mattered about as much as the color of one's toothbrush. Sadly, the juxtaposition between the beauty of MLK's dream and the reality of racial and economic equality in America today is startling.

State of the Dream 2011

— Shannon M.
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