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Un Triunfo para los Derechos en Massachusetts

— Mike L
UFE at Domestic Workers Bill of Rights Signing

El miércoles, 2 de julio, el equipo de UFE se unió con nuestras hermanas deMataHari: Eye of the Day – una organización de mujeres de color, inmigrantes y familias que trabaja para darle fin a la explotación y la violencia de género – en la Casa Estatal de Massachusetts para una ocasión histórica: la promulgación de la Carta de Derechos para las Trabajadoras Domésticas.

A Victory for Rights in Massachusetts

UFE at Domestic Workers Bill of Rights Signing

On Wednesday, July 2, the UFE team joined our sisters at MataHari: Eye of the Day – an organization of women of color, immigrant women and families that works to end exploitation and gender-based violence – at the Massachusetts State House for a momentous occasion: the signing of the Massachusetts Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights.

Education is Not Enough to Close Racial Economic Divide

— Brian Miller

Racial disparities in unemployment are not just the result of differing education levels. Even when limiting the data to college graduates alone, significant disparities of unemployment remain indicating that race still matters in America.

Read State of the Dream 2014: Healthcare for Whom? for more.

25-State Coverage Gap Hits Blacks and Latinos Harder

— Brian Miller

Blacks and Latinos represent a disproportionate share of the 5 million who will be denied health insurance due to the GOP's 25-state coverage gap.

Read State of the Dream 2014: Healthcare for Whom? to learn more.

Experience Raise the Roots!

— Maz
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Raise the Roots keeps getting better, and 2013 was our biggest conference yet! Our partners gathered in Boston to learn different ways arts, culture and technology can shape and enhance their efforts to build grassroots power for sensible and necessary tax policy reforms in their states.

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