Walmart’s check-cashing service is another way of preying

— Mike L
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AN AUG. 5 editorial praised Walmart for providing nontraditional banking options for the “underbanked” in select stores. While offering simple financial services such as low-cost check cashing sounds like a good idea, we are left to wonder what is motivating the largest retailer in the world to enter into this business. On the surface this looks like Walmart is providing a needed service to the community, but we don’t need to dig deep to see that this is another strategy to increase profits.

New Yorkers push for pre-k funding!

— Michael Young

Experience Raise the Roots!

— Maz
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Raise the Roots keeps getting better, and 2013 was our biggest conference yet! Our partners gathered in Boston to learn different ways arts, culture and technology can shape and enhance their efforts to build grassroots power for sensible and necessary tax policy reforms in their states.

Putting Reel Economy to Work

— Guest Blogger
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What is "Reel Economy"? Learn more about an emerging partnership between UFE's Tax Fairness Organizing Collaborative and Working Films in which we connect our grassroots partners with documentary films that can bolster their efforts to build political power for policies that benefit all people in their states.

2013 TFOC Conference Agenda

— Michael Young
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