Advocate's Toolkit

The United States is one of the richest nations in the world. So why aren't our schools thriving? Why are so many people - especially people of color - unemployed? Why are healthcare, housing and college education so unaffordable?

Our mission at UFE is to raise awareness about the root causes of economic inequality and support the growing movement for economic justice. This can take many forms. If you're interested in making the economy fairer and improving the quality of life in the U.S. for everyone, here are six easy steps you can take to help make that happen.

Action Tool for Evaluating Elected Officials on Taxes
Trying to figure out how much an elected official's proposals fit with your values can be challenging. That's why we developed a valuable action tool to help you evaluate the fairness of tax proposals.

The Action Tool contains key progressive tax principles and sample questions to use when researching elected officials' positions and for asking them directly. Using the Action Tool could influence the positions of representatives and increase public support for fair taxation. 

Sign a Petition or Pledge
Our current petitions and pledges are:

Submit a Letter to the Editor
Write a letter. Talk about how the economy has affected your life. Send it to your local papers and/or magazines. Your opinion matters.

Action Alerts & E-Newsletters
Sign up for email notice of when it's time to take action. We'll let you know what to do and how to do it.

Download a workshop to give at your school, PTA, church, or community group.

Training of Trainers
UFE offers its Training of Trainers Institute, a multi-day workshop designed to share popular education techniques and popular economic approaches with interested members of the community.

Shareholder Actions
Every year, UFE's Responsible Wealth project submits shareholder resolutions in an attempt to increase economic justice at large corporations. Find out how you can get involved.

Read the Book: "Teaching Economics As If People Mattered"
A 2007 version of this classic book is now available. TEAIPM provides 21 lesson plans for sharing economic issues with community members in an easy-to-understand style. Field-tested by high-school teachers, TEAIPM is suitable for high-school and community college students as well as many adult learning environments.