Tax Fairness Tune-Ups

‘Tax Fairness Tune-Ups’ is a free monthly webinar series offered by the TFOC. These trainings are designed to provide actionable skills and information to enhance the work of grassroots organizers working to advance tax fairness.

Trainings are held via webinar once a month. They are free and open to staff, volunteers, and board members of grassroots organizations, policy groups, unions, and other groups that are a part of the economic justice movement.

Trainings are focused on providing actionable skills and knowledge to build the capacity of members and allies of grassroots economic justice campaigns.



Using Film in Economic Fairness Campaigns

This webinar explores how to effectively integrate film into economic fairness campaigns. How do social issue documentary films do more than just raise awareness? How can you leverage the story in a documentary film to advance your efforts? How can you effectively rally local audiences around your cause once the lights come up? This webinar answers these questions and provides a framework for using film to enhance economic fairness campaigns. Speakers include Andy Myers (Campaign Coordinator, Working Films), Karin Hayes and Victoria Bruce (directors/producers, We're Not Broke), and Brad Lichtenstein (President, 371 Productions / BizVizz).

Watch a video of the presentation below or follow this link.


How to Build Donor Loyalty

What do your donors want after they give? Why do they stop donating? And how can you increase the commitment, satisfaction and trust of your donors? This free Tax Fairness Tune-Up webinar will answer all these questions and provide you with lots of concrete tips for building a strong donor program that keeps your supporters giving year after year. Presented by Tina Cincotti, owner and principal consultant of Funding Change.

Watch a video of the presentation below or follow this link.


Connecting Grassroots & Businesses Leaders for Progressive Tax Reform

This webinar will explore how to effectively integrate businesses into progressive tax campaigns. Presenters will explore commonly-held myths surrounding personal and business success and how tax fairness organizers can effectively reclaim this narrative by working in conjuction with business leaders. This webinar is geared towards tax fairness organizers looking to engage business leaders in progressive tax campaigns and business leaders who wish to partner in statewide coalitions for progressive tax reform.

Watch a video of the presentation below or follow this link.


How To Give a Great Media Interview

Being a media spokesperson isn't just about seeing your face on television and reading your quote in the newspaper, it's about crafting a strong message and delivering it effectively. This free webinar, presented by United for a Fair Economy and Responsible Wealth, will provide tools and techniques to prepare for an interview, stay in control, and deliver a clear message. Presented by Jon Shure, Director of State Fiscal Strategies at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. Faciliated by Mike Lapham, Director of the Responsible Wealth Project.

Watch a video of the presentation below or follow this link.