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    Continued Support for Leaders

    UFE doesn’t just do trainings. With our Training of Trainers and workshops, we use popular education to equip participants with the tools needed to be trainers themselves, encouraging everyone to go forth and change their communities. In this way, we work with leaders from all backgrounds and are creating a powerful, multiplying effect for economic justice!

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    Knowledge has no Boundaries: Popular Education in the Age Of Social Distancing

    What does virtual popular education look like? How do you facilitate a meaningful conversation about anti-blackness, cooperative economics, or the impacts of COVID-19 over Zoom? These are some of the questions the UFE team has been asking for the past couple of months.

    Leer en español // Read in Spanish

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    In Remembrance: Elandria C. Williams

    Beloved UFE community,

    It is with great sorrow and fond memories that we share that frequent UFE collaborator and close friend Elandria C. Williams has transitioned to ancestor at the age of 41.

    Elandria's impact on the movement for economic and racial justice cannot be understated. We are so grateful that we were able to connect and collaborate with Elandria on many occasions. We are grieving and we are grateful for Elandria’s spirit, energy and vision.

    Elandria was the proud Executive Director and trainer at the PeoplesHub, a grassroots training organization that UFE has collaborated with and will continue to in the future. We wanted to share their words for our Beloved Elandria, and ask that if possible you join us in supporting their mission in Elandria's memory.

    Doing this kind of work there are many people that touch your life, but Elandria touched my soul. There are few people like that, and I am thankful to have known them. They will forever be with me. Elendria PRESENTE!

    In love and community,
    Jeannette Huezo

    PS: Please read the full statement from PeoplesHub in the Facebook post below--

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    Decolonizing Wealth Webinar // Descolonizando la Riqueza Seminario Virtual

    Join us for a webinar about decolonizing wealth with Edgar Villanueva and Phyllis "Sunshine" Utley. The webinar will be interpreted into Spanish live.  >> REGISTER NOW

    October 22, 2020 at 7pm
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    Take the "One for Democracy" Pledge

    Our country is built on stolen land and our democracy has never represented the voices of all. Our movements have done much to make our democracy more fair; but this progress is threatened by big donors, corporations and white nationalists. Our democracy is at risk.

    Can you give 1%?

    Responsible Wealth and UFE have joined One for Democracy, which is asking wealthy people to sign the pledge before election day to move their resources to groups organizing for democracy.

    Two of our staff, Sara Sargent and Mike Lapham, have recorded a video about the pledge. Click through to watch!

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    Solutions for Education Inequality

    Imagine this scene: books are being thrown up in the air, classrooms are humid because of the broken air conditioning, students are yelling at the top of their lungs, and teachers are too frustrated to teach. This was the scene of my eighth grade class because the school down the street from mine closed. My school days had not always been this way. A few years prior, class sizes were small, there were enough books, students enjoyed the fruits of learning, while teachers enjoyed teaching...

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    Rest in Power John Lewis -- Honoring a Great Legacy

    Rest in peace, rest in power, Congressman John Lewis.

    He will be missed. He's been an inspiration to millions, and will continue to be for generations to come. We celebrate his lifelong commitment and love for justice.


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    "The War on Workers" Recording Available!

    The recording of a webinar we recently hosted on behalf of Mark McDermott, a former UFE board member and labor educator, is now available!

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    Spring 2020 Newsletter

    We're working to build and sustain movements for economic, racial, and gender justice. We're side-by-side with frontline leaders, building a world that provides real health and safety for all, using popular education to unpack how our economy is sustained through systems of racism, criminalization and anti-Blackness, and using healing justice to address ongoing trauma. In times of physical distancing, we are working hard to make tools and resources available.

    Click above for stories of how we partner with movements and ways we might work together...

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    UFE Response to State-Sanctioned Lynchings

    Dear UFE Family,

    Take a deep breath with us. Inhale... Exhale...

    This is a hard moment we are in. Not only are we being called to acknowledge the violence and racism woven into the very fabric of this country’s founding, we are being called by all those who have been targeted to imagine a just world.

    Imagine with us...

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    Alianza Americas Training of Trainers on Zoom!

    UFE is supporting national and local work to lift up, strengthen, and coordinate immigrant community-based struggles for dignity and well-being, and helping to keep that work alive in virtual spaces. Alianza Americas is a national coalition shaping new narratives about Latin American immigrants and the systemic problems that force thousands of people to flee their countries of origin. We are supporting Alianza as they transition their leadership development online in response to COVID-19. Our support is enabling them to connect with local leaders who are mobilizing immigrant essential service workers to demand dignity and protections now. UFE’s first fully online training of trainers for Alianza took place in early May, and we will provide ongoing online workshops through the remainder of 2020.

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    State of the Dream 2020

    All people deserve the kind of economic security wealth provides, but numerous practices and policies have worked to limit the accumulation of wealth for women, and particularly women of color. Considering the historical barriers that block building wealth, individual actions and the "free market" will never be able to sufficiently address gender and racial wealth inequality. The only way to end this outrageous inequality is to attack the gendered and racialized rules that drive it.

    State of the Dream 2020: Building a Fair Economy at the Intersections makes it abundantly clear that entrenched racism and sexism that is fostering and sustaining deep and yawning economic inequities in the U.S. This well-rounded report features research, stories, interviews and a practical resource through a popular education workshop exercise that helps us fight for a fair economy and ensures all of us can thrive.

    >Order a copy

    >Download the Report

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