We’re at an unmistakable crossroads. The richest 1% owns nearly 40% of the wealth. People from diverse political and social backgrounds are asking, what will it take to create a broad solution to rising inequality?

UFE joins all those fighting against the growing wealth divide. That’s why we’re excited to announce our new resource, “Pocket Political Education”: a tool that can help anyone become a movement builder and leader in the fight against economic, racial, and gender inequality!

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  • The Self-Made Myth

    Available Now The Self-Made Myth examines how wealth is really created and why it matters – shaping our views on inequality,... Read more ›


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  • Pocket Political Education

    Help fight Inequality with UFE’s new “Pocket-Political Education” Resource For 25 years, UFE has joined all those fighting against the... Read more ›
  • The Growing Divide

    The Growing Divide is UFE's highly acclaimed workshop that over 100,000 people have participated in nationwide. We review recent trends... Read more ›
  • Immigration Workshop

    There is a growing clamor about our immigration “problem.” But what are the facts about immigration? What is pushing and... Read more ›


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