Isabel Sousa-Rodriguez

Isabel-resize.jpgIsabel Sousa-Rodriguez was born in Bogota, Colombia and moved to  Miami with their family at the age of 6. They joined the Florida Immigrant Coalition coming out of high school as a youth leader, organizing against deportations and for the DREAM Act since 2007 and has had various roles at FLIC since 2008, especially working with immigrant youth statewide and with farm worker organizations throughout central Florida. In 2010, Isabel was one of the founders of the national Trail of Dreams mobilization where they walked with other students and families 1,500 miles from Miami to D.C. drawing national attention to the need to end deportations and reform our nation’s broken immigration system. Isabel has an Associate degree in Business Administration from Miami Dade College and a Bachelor’s in Sociology from the University of South Florida. As a graduate student at the City University of New York, Isabel also published academic articles detailing the effects of legal status and marginalization on undocumented mothers, their families, as well as adolescents in the transition to adulthood. From 2015 through 2016, they were the state coordinator of New York’s Mexican Initiative on Deferred Action. Isabel also proudly served on the national selection committee of the DREAM.US Undocumented Youth Scholarship Fund from 2013-2015 and is currently on the Board of United for a Fair Economy.


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