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Updates from Fall 2021 

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This Fall, staff at UFE were so busy taking on big projects, pursuing bold visions, and supporting visionary grassroots leadership, at times it felt as if things were back to normal and we weren’t in a global pandemic. Like many of you, we’ve found new ways of working as we continue to organize for economic and racial justice by supporting movements across the country. But we cannot allow the return to routine permit us to ignore injustices around us or become indifferent to inequality. Now is the time to look around and ask where you can have an impact and take action. From creating shareable content that educates to leading bilingual trainings on the ground, we can’t wait to share all that we’ve been doing to help build a more just world during these difficult times.

In other news, our Executive Director, Jeannette Huezo, is celebrating 20 years at United for a Fair Economy this year. Mike Lapham, Director of UFE's Responsible Wealth Project, is celebrating his 25th anniversary. We invite you to sign their virtual cards here!

Avila Center Launch in Durham, NC!

Thanks to all who joined us in October for the opening of the Avila Movement Center in Durham, NC! The Avila Center is a new space for educating, training, and supporting community organizers. The center has 52 acres of beautiful land, dormitories and meeting spaces which will be used to find connection, strengthen organizing, and build collective power. UFE is part of a partnership of local organizations working to open the center.

After a year of isolation, we were glad for this rare opportunity to reconnect with Durham leaders and organizers. There was good food, a tour of the property, and an opportunity for people to share their visions for how we can use this space to grow movements for justice in the South!




Color of Wealth Infographic

For a privileged few, government policies have provided boosts to wealth building, while people of color have been systematically denied the ability to build and keep their wealth. Our latest infographic aims to increase our understanding of the roots of racial economic inequality and of the harm caused by policies implemented throughout the history of the United States. Unequal access to wealth building —historic and current— compounds over generations. And so the racial wealth gap continues to grow.




Training of Trainers in NC

In late October, over two dozen trainees and facilitators attended the Training of Trainers held at the new Avila Center. At the 3-day training, folks learned about persistent and growing racial and economic inequality.

Participants gained knowledge of the role, duties and competencies expected of a facilitator. Simultaneously, trainees were equipped with the skills to independently organize and implement further training courses, multiplying the effects of United for a Fair Economy's training program. Over the next few months, participants to this multiplier training will hold local trainings for organizers in their area of North Carolina, and assist trainees in piloting UFE's toolkit with their organizations.




Boston Training of Trainers

Our popular education team was happy to be back holding in person events for this year’s Boston training. The group was excited to learn and grow from one another, dream bold new visions for the future, and share physical space in a way that we haven’t been able to for a long time.

This training incorporated what we learned hosting virtual events and webinars. The format was hybrid: virtual one day, and in-person the other.




RW Urges Inclusion of Billionaire Tax

UFE's Responsible Wealth Project organized our members to sign on to a letter in support of the Billionaire Income Tax as part of the Democrats' infrastructure and social spending package. Since the beginning of the pandemic, billionaires' wealth has increased by 70% while millions have lost jobs.

The letter was organized by Americans for Tax Fairness, The Patriotic Millionaires and Responsible Wealth. For over 20 years, the Responsible Wealth project has organized upper-income individuals to use their unique voice for supporting economic, racial, and social justice issues. Over 100 of the 250 letter signers are members of Responsible Wealth.




UFE’s Resource Mobilization Director Featured on Podcast

UFE’s Resource Mobilization Director, Sara Sargent, was featured on "The Development Debrief," a podcast hosted by Kathryn Van Sickle. In the 35 minute episode, Sara shares her family’s story with wealth and explains how it influences her roles as a donor and a fundraiser. At one point Sara says, “I’m not giving away my money, I’m giving it back.” UFE’s Responsible Wealth project is one such group that encourages wealthy people to redistribute their money in support of economic and racial justice.




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You can now watch all our webinars in one place!




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