Campaign for a 4 Day Work Week

We’re excited to be supporting a new campaign for a global 4 day work week!

UFE staff have been operating on a 4-day work week for over a year now. Our director, Jeannette Huezo, made instituting the new policy a top priority. She had a few thoughts to share:

“The 4 day work week is important to me because it reflects the values of our organization, United for a Fair Economy. Our work against racial and economic inequality requires a lot of intense labor not only mentally but also emotionally, and so we need to learn how to balance our commitment to build a different society with having work-life balance and healthy relationships.

As an organization fighting to create a better world, we believe in the importance of putting the human being at the center of that work, and that includes the well-being and time of our staff. The communities for whom we work deserve the best of us, and when staff are in a good state mentally and physically, they are more likely to be effective in the work that needs to be done.”

Jeannette Huezo, UFE Executive Director








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