80 Ways to Make Your Presentation More Effective

There are so many ways to turn your "audience" into active participants. We know from experience that learners are more likely to understand, retain, and apply knowledge if they are engaging their heads, hearts, and hands.

If we want people to take action in groups to end inequality we can't afford to use the same top-down learning methods over and over again. We want people to leave feeling that they have the solution and the means to implement it.

Then again, if you are reading this you probably knew that. You know that developing interactive activities is a critical part of engaging people in collective action. You just want some tools.

Well, here's one: We call it “80 Methods of Teaching and Learning”. It contains 25 creative methods of conveying a topic and 55 dynamic methods to engage participants around that topic.

Next time you have a membership meeting or you are invited to give a presentation on a critical policy solution to address inequality, take a look!

Maybe you plan to use some activities from UFE's The Stacked Deck but still have your own topic to cover. Use “80 Methods of Teaching and Learning” to brainstorm activities that will present your policy idea in a creative way and that will invite learners to truly engage with one another and prepare them to take action for a fair economy.

P.S. This resource was inspired by Gene Sharp's 198 Ways of Nonviolent Action (Rest in power, Gene!). We couldn't come up with that many types of interactive learning activities, but perhaps we could with your help. Give us your favorites in the comments below!



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