90 Seconds of Movement Building for Economic Justice with UFE

How does UFE support movement building for economic justice? Watch and find out!

This beautiful video of UFE's work is made by our friends at Iximche Media, a digital content and audiovisual production agency based in Durham, NC. Check out their work at www.iximchemedia.com.


UFE supports U.S.-based economic justice movements in three ways:

- Popular Economics Education for BIPOC, immigrant & worker-organizers

- Convening coalitions to work on policy change, notably the Raising Wages NC coalition

- Organizing wealthy people to redistribute wealth & advocate for tax fairness

UFE’s core partners are BIPOC- and immigrant-led groups that base-build at the community level — people most impacted by economic inequity and racial injustice who are leading the way toward solutions. Our partners:

- Organize workers for rights and fair pay

- Combine service provision with leadership development and civic engagement

- Lead policy change campaigns

- Incubate cooperatives

- More

We work nationally, and we also have hubs in three places:

- Boston, Massachusetts

- North Carolina

- Alabama

Join us!

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We gather as guests on Indigenous land

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